What do our clients say about us?

Our clients appreciate the value we bring to their transaction. Here are a few of their reviews:

Our company was coming off a terrible transaction experience with a different M&A Advisor when we were introduced to Bruce Burns and Cody Clemens of the Affinity Ventures team. Our experience was everything we could hope for in our transaction, they were professional, accommodating, and hands-on throughout the entire process while still allowing us to direct and drive what we were looking for.

Cody shined in marketing our company to the right audience, while Bruce’s decades of experience prevailed in the final stages where the serious negotiations took place. In the end, we got 20+ offers and were able to close the deal in record time with the best fitting suitor, at over 30% higher than our initial valuation. They went above and beyond our expectations and I don’t believe we would’ve had the same end result with anyone else. It was a pleasure to work with Bruce and Cody and I would highly recommend Affinity Ventures to anyone in need of an M&A Advisor.Michael Santiago, CFO, Advantage Metal Products

As an attorney practicing M&A, I frequently interact with merger and acquisition advisory groups. My client recently closed a transaction with Bruce Burns and Cody Clemens of Affinity and I was extremely impressed with their services. They were creative, responsive and sophisticated in their dealings with the client and the Buyer and were instrumental in managing the financial aspects of the transaction and managed a process that resulted in a very favorable purchase price. I would give them an unqualified recommendation to any prospective Sellers or Buyers and would relish the opportunity to work with them again. Michael Sebree, Donahue Fitzgerald Attorneys
We are very pleased with the results of the sale of our business, we had 3 related businesses that have been consolidated into one. The Affinity Ventures team used their M&A experience to locate a buyer that fulfilled all our requests. They found us a great partner willing to continue the legacy of the company and offered continued employment to everyone. Thank you to Bruce, Matt, and Jerry, we appreciate the time and effort you gave to the sale of our business.Norm Geiken, founder of Nebraska Salt & Grain
I enjoyed working with the team at Affinity Ventures and Murphy Business because they are straight forward, honest, and had our best interest in mind. Their knowledge and vast experience made this complex process possible while I continued to run the business. They exceeded expectations on the creation of marketing documents, valuation and negotiations. Using their process allowed me to review multiple different sale offers which generated a premium of 20% over their initial valuation and ultimately find the best fit with Addus.Kris Carlson, CEO of A Plus Health Care
Once we confirmed our desire to take our company to market and seek out the right strategic buyer, we retained the M&A services of Bruce Burns and Affinity Ventures. I chose Bruce’s firm because of their down to earth, talk you off the cliff approach to what can be a very uncertain and intimidating experience. With the guidance and advisement of Affinity Ventures, along with their creation of their “Data Room” for all involved parties to view the data flow, the overall management of our negotiations and constant communication went as needed. This approach gave us the prime opportunity to reach the highest value and best deal we could have hoped for, from the buyer we were seeking. I would highly recommend Affinity Ventures for your desired results for your own deal, going forward to a very successful M&A transaction such as ours.

James Scott Blevins, Mountain Valley Express
Selling our business has been a challenging process due to some changes in the business and some health issues that delayed the process. Your patience and dedication in completing a transaction was prevalent throughout the process. Without your knowledge and experience in the divestiture process and negotiations, I firmly believe we would not have completed a transaction. It took a special buyer who was aware of our industry to provide the maximum value for our type of business, and your team was persistent in finding that buyer. We would definitely recommend Affinity Ventures to anyone we know that needs to sell their business the right way.

Tom Hoffman, Hoffman Homecare
My private equity firm was involved with acquiring two companies from Affinity Ventures. I was impressed with the quality of their work, the clear communication between us and their clients, and the professionalism throughout the complete process. They are experienced deal makers focused on maximizing the value of their clients business and making the outcome a win/win.
Mike Bailey, Progress Equity
Affinity Ventures proved to be an invaluable asset with respect to our divestiture process.  Bruce Burns and Steve Gilbert worked closely with our Executive Staff and  Accountant to develop a blind profile, and they put our company in front of prospective buyers throughout the U.S.  We had nine offers, and after thoroughly vetting the interested parties, we chose the buyer who aligned most closely with our company values.  Bruce and Steve helped negotiate for us the entire time, and we knew they were working in our corner every step of the way.   After signing the Letter of Intent, Affinity Ventures helped walk us through the due diligence process and we completed the deal with minimal adjustments. 

Interestingly, we started working with Affinity Ventures 2 and ½ years before we were ready to divest.  We read Bruce’s monthly newsletters about successfully exiting the business and did our best to follow his advice on every level.  Like stated in his articles, everyone will eventually exit the business, with Affinity Ventures assistance, we did so on our terms.  Professionalism at every talking point, sensitivity to keeping everything confidential, and genuinely warm and friendly people..I recommend Affinity Ventures without reservation.Jeff Sikes, R.Ph.Georgia

Retail Pharmacy Sold in 2013: I originally chose Affinity Ventures because of their vast experience in my specific industry, but during the process found so many other important aspects to the divestiture of a business. With the decline in revenues due to reimbursement and some billing issues, we needed to separate the two divisions of my business and sell them individually to separate buyers. We put the sale of one part of the business on hold and moved forward with selling the other segment. This decision more than doubled the time and hours that it would have taken to sell both businesses at once. Regardless of the challenges and many barriers we needed to overcome, the Affinity team was there to facilitate the process from start to finish. Persistence, determination, follow up and focus but most important INTEGRETY, are just a few of the attributes of the Affinity team. I could not have gone thru this process without them.

Home Infusion Pharmacy Sold in 2016: After the successful sale of my retail pharmacy, Affinity Ventures was determined and focused on finding a buyer for my home infusion business. Due to industry changes and the size and location of my business, there were only a few companies that were a possible buyer. I was amazed at Affinity’s focus and professionalism in completing this complex transaction and creating a successful outcome. We sold to a large billion-dollar company with an experienced M&A department and I never felt they had an advantage in the process. Bruce and his team were always one step ahead of the process. I would highly recommend Affinity Ventures as they definitely go the extra mile for their clients. Fairmeadows Pharmacy – A combination of a retail pharmacy and a home infusion company owned by Dan and Mary Lou Zurawski

Multiple buyers
Masters at the controlled facilitation process
Ability to sort out the tire kickers and the real buyers
They provided multiple offers from both strategic and private equity
Exceeded our price expectations by 30% with 8 potential offers and met our time expectations.
Real pros who I would recommend to any business owner.
Danton Townsend, Tank Partners
We have worked with Bruce Burns and his team at Affinity Ventures for many years.   The Affinity Ventures team brings industry knowledge and experience that facilitates the execution of efficient transactions.  During a sell side engagement, from sourcing a buyer through negotiations and then closing, the Affinity team drives the process.   We have worked on both the sell side and the buy side with Affinity and can attest that the Affinity team is comprised of experienced professionals who bring valuable insight to every transaction.
Ralph Manning, Progress Equity, Founding Partner
The folks at Affinity Ventures worked tirelessly to not only help grow the value of my company but to bring me multiple offers. I started with an unsolicited offer and after engaging Affinity, we more than doubled the final enterprise value by doing the things that Affinity suggested would make my company worth more. I had never sold a company before, but learned a lot through the process. Affinity Ventures far exceeded my expectations. They did what they said they would do and more. They were available anytime I needed them, after hours and weekends. They treated our sale process with considerable care and attention, were with us at every turn and left no detail, no matter how small, to chance. That’s how we treat our customers and that’s how they took care of us. I highly recommend them to not only maximize the value but to get the deal done.
Alliance Tank Services, Sammy Reese, CEO
We used Bruce to sell our business and he was fantastic. No high pressure, great followup , and very concerned about getting us a deal we were happy with. Highly recommend Bruce to sell or help locate a business for sale. Thanks again
Dan Loizzi, Sleep Solutions
Affinity Ventures did a great job selling the largest home delivery pharmacy business in the Chicago area to Albertsons. They ran a professional process that generated half a dozen solid offers and delivered a price that was 30% higher than an initial offer we received from one organization prior to engaging Affinity Ventures. They helped us achieve a good financial outcome with an organization that was a great cultural fit for our entire staff and offered everyone solid career opportunities as they expand HomeScript well past its roots to manage significantly more chronically ill pharmacy patients.
Aristotle S. Kornaros, HomeScript Pharmacy Services, Inc, CEO
Bruce, just wanted to take the time to let you know I have enjoyed working with you on the private duty nursing company and Medicare Certified Home Health agency transaction. As you know we had many challenges in this transaction that were unique and complex. There were times when I thought the deal was dead and you consistently brought it back to life.  The deal would not have closed without your relentless efforts. You and your team at Affinity Ventures provided critical support at all stages of the deal, including the development of the letter of intent, financial and business due diligence, and review and analysis of the definitive agreements. I have never seen an intermediary or broker so focused on detail, follow up, and client support as you and your firm. Your involvement and impact on the transaction was impressive and we will look forward to working with you again. We will definitely refer you to clients in the future that are in need of a professional intermed
Stephen Phillips, Hooper Lundy and Bookman, Attorney, San Francisco, CA
“Thanks to you and Don our families are once again safe, and for this gentlemen, I will be eternally grateful. I still just shake my head in disbelief at how this all happened:
We lose everything due to a hostile takeover of the business we came here over 10 years ago to start. We gather every cent we can to start a new business. We struggle to survive for a long time. We decide to attend a trade show out of desperation for business. A well-dressed guy in a suit comes up to me at the conference and says “Do you want to sell your company?” I say it’s not really worth anything yet – we are just getting it going! You say no worries but you will be in touch. You walk away and I completely forget about you. Three months later you call and I convince my very skeptical partners to speak with you. A year later it’s done, just as you said it could, at a price we could not have dreamed of!

Someone should write a novel about this…… albeit it won’t be me! Too busy to think about it now, however when I’m back with my family, I will have time to reflect, and I dare say whenever I think of you and Don….I will have a very big smile on my face. Again gentlemen I thank you for your vision and effort to get this result, and Bruce thank you for coming up to me that day sir. If you ever need a reference please have your prospectives call me.”
Paul Pusztay, Partner and Co President

“First of all thank you for giving me the peace of mind that I have attained the very best value for my business that was possible. After going to multiple strategic and private equity buyers I am sure there were no stones unturned. It was obvious you have been involved with many transactions. The way you handled the numerous challenges and obstacles that occurred during our process of selling my business was comforting and helpful. I had the confidence that I was being represented at the highest level possible. Your knowledge and experience was evident during the complete experience. Your attention to detail and timeliness was always there when we needed it. I never worried about whether my concerns and rights were being represented properly and correctly.  The various recommendations on consultants and advisors were helpful and necessary since selling a business definitely takes a group of advisors to complete a transaction the proper way.  The availability of the Affinity Ventures team during the weekends and evenings was appreciated since we were still running a business and sometimes during the day was very difficult to schedule. I had no idea how complicated and time consuming selling a business was until I went through it. I could not imagine what the end result would have been if I would have tried to travel that path on my own or with some other intermediary. I can now retire comfortably knowing my hard work and dedication in building a business was rewarded by getting the best deal possible and having the resources to enjoy my long and deserved retirement.”Barbara Hamrick, CEO
“I want to thank you for representing my partners and I in the sale of our company. We were all at a stage in our lives to exit our business and pursue other interests. The environment for selling a home medical equipment company was at an all-time low but you and the AV team found a way to complete the sale of our company.  Your persistence and tenacity played a critical role in keeping the process moving and bringing the transaction to a close.  It was obvious that you had the experience and knowledge to get the deal done. Thanks for helping us move on to the next phase of our lives.”Jim Bickle, CEO
“Bruce Burns and Affinity Ventures handled my whole transaction in a very professional and timely matter.  After meeting with Mr. Burns one evening and another broker the next evening, I decided that Mr. Burns/Affinity Ventures approach was the one that fit me the best.  His approach of treating me as a person, listening to what I wanted out of the deal and what I really needed was excellent.  His keep the transaction on a straight time line, like I wanted it to be!  His opinions and evaluation on the offers on the table were of immense help.  In fact, I have recommended Affinity Ventures to several of my fellow associates in the healthcare field, during and after the completion of the sale. I would not hesitate to recommend Affinity Ventures or Bruce Burns to any of my friends.  Super Job, Bruce!Edmund Lee, Past CEO
“On behalf of David, myself and our entire family, thank you for helping bring the sale of M&M to its close. I think in total David spent 7 years contemplating, preparing and investigating the prospect of selling. So it looks like you were there with him for all but one of those years! According to Julie, who has gone through several of these sales, this was one of the better planned and executed sales and transactions she has ever seen. And you were an integral part of that process. Thank you so much for your work!”Dave and Donna Kinskey, Owners
“Bruce, just wanted to take the time to let you know I have enjoyed working with you on the private duty nursing company and Medicare Certified Home Health agency transaction. As you know we had many challenges in this transaction that were unique and complex. There were times when I thought the deal was dead and you consistently brought it back to life.  The deal would not have closed without your relentless efforts. You and your team at Affinity Ventures provided critical support at all stages of the deal, including the development of the letter of intent, financial and business due diligence, and review and analysis of the definitive agreements. I have never seen an intermediary or broker so focused on detail, follow up, and client support as you and your firm. Your involvement and impact on the transaction was impressive and we will look forward to working with you again. We will definitely refer you to clients in the future that are in need of a professional intermediary.” Stephen Phillips, Attorney
“I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Affinity Ventures and for Bruce Burns. I have worked with Affinity on two separate acquisitions. I had worked with another broker prior to becoming familiar with Affinity and have been impressed by Affinity’s willingness to meet my needs. They are persistent, available when I’ve needed input or help and responded in a timely manner. They provide an excellent knowledge base of the market industry and communicate information that is helpful in making decisions. They are willing and have the ability to provide a creative approach to structuring the deal in order to get the process done. Again, I have found Affinity Ventures and Bruce Burns to be a very professional and capable brokerage firm to work with. Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.” James C. Rogers, CEO
“I would highly recommend Affinity Ventures for anyone seeking divestiture of their business. Their experience and professionalism is an asset during the complete process. They have the ability to bring more than one suitor to the table in a controlled auction with absolute confidentiality which will only enhance the value of the deal. Multiple offers, exceeded the price of their valuation and what I expected, and were available 24/7 describes Affinity Ventures. When one makes a decision to sell, you want the Affinity team as your advisor and by your side on each step of the process.”Ken Baker, President
“The cash is in the bank and I will never “have” to work if I don’t want to.  I want to thank you and the Affinity Team for the fantastic support you have given me and Cambridge Home Healthcare. You have been persistent, focused, tenacious and always available during the complete process. You enabled me to continue to run my business with no disruptions or confidentiality issues. Selling a business is a once in a lifetime project and I now realize the importance of an intermediary like Affinity Ventures. Your suggestion of being flexible and open regarding a buyer and looking at all potential offers from both strategic and financial buyers was right on. The decision of choosing a private equity firm to partner with was an easy one. I got the cash, eliminated the financial and daily pressures I previously had, and continued to run the company and be a shareholder. It was the perfect situation. Your ability to manage the process, negotiate all issues with a win-win approach and, to our advantage, always maximize the outcome for myself and Cambridge Home Healthcare was very much appreciated. Affinity Ventures exceeded my expectations, both financially and professionally. Now I can relax, have fun running the business, spend more time with my family and hobbies, and not have to worry about reimbursement reductions, union threats, and any other business concerns we all have as independent business owners.”Nancy Diller Shively, President
“I have used Affinity Ventures on a number of acquisitions.  They have consistently pleased me with their service, dependability and integrity, and the outcome always exceeded my expectations. Their effectiveness and skill in negotiating is reflective in their history of successful transactions.”
Cleveland (Skip) West, President
“I would definitely endorse Affinity Ventures to sell your business.  I was very impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail and follow-up.  Selling a business is a very complex process. Having Affinity Ventures’ experienced professionals handle the process allowed me to focus on running my business.”
John Dodd, President
“Affinity Ventures represented my company when I sold it to one of the nationals.  There was complete confidentiality throughout the process.  I was pleased with the fact that from the start to finish, they stayed in close contact, helped in every aspect of the transaction and closed in record time.  If I had it to do over again, I would use Affinity Ventures in any transaction I am involved with.”
Cornell Osborne, President