Value Enhancement Services

One of the most valuable services we offer business owners is Pre-Transaction Value Enhancement Planning. We don’t just help business owners identify the ideal time to consider divestiture. We also help them significantly increase their business value before the sale. That's why it's important to begin speaking with the M&A intermediaries at Affinity Ventures as soon as possible before you consider going to market. Starting a dialogue with our team early on can put you and your company in a much more advantageous position when the time to sell finally does come along.

Pre-Sale Planning Is Key to a Successful Business Sale

The fact is, in most successful business sales, the sales process begins long before you put your company on the market. Value Enhancement (also referred to as Pre-Sale Planning), is the process of shifting your focus from working IN the business to working ON the business. By identifying and nurturing unique value drivers, our team can help you increase the value of your business exponentially.

Our M&A advisors closely monitor developing business trends in your sector and develop unique strategies to meet the expectations of today's buyers. We know what buyers in today's market are looking for and what factors drive value in your business. Our experienced team will analyze your business and use key metrics to identify strengths you can capitalize on. More importantly, we’ll identify weaknesses in your business and strategies to address them before an eventual sale.

Our Value Enhancement team has helped hundreds of owners implement successful strategies that significantly increased their businesses’ eventual enterprise value. Don’t wait until you put your business on the market to contact Affinity Ventures. If you're a business owner, contact us today to ensure that when you’re ready to sell your business, you know you'll sell it for its maximum value.

How We Can Increase Your Businesses Value

Many of our clients' companies are looking for ways to improve their bottom line before the sale. We assist by using programs that can increase profits by reducing costs and expenses without changing operations. Specialized savings programs are used to lower healthcare costs, save on energy, enable your accounts payable department to generate income, and give hourly employees instant access to their earned wages. Making sure you are participating in the correct government tax incentive programs available to you on a state and federal level can also reduce taxable liability before the sale. Our team of Engineers, Senior Tax Consultants and Service Specialists can determine quickly and accurately how to increase your cash flow and reduce expenses. 

 We take the time to get to know our clients' businesses and the industries they operate in. We also understand what buyers in today's market are looking for, which ultimately determines how much they’ll be willing to pay for a business and why. By identifying the key value drivers in your business, we can help you implement a strategy to grow those value drivers.

Based on your needs, these efforts will focus on: 

  • Next-level management
  • Operating systems
  • Tax Incentives
  • Expense Reduction
  • Specialized Savings
  • Demonstrating scalability
  • Diversifying the customer base
  • A proven growth strategy
  • Recurring revenue and improving gross profit margins
  • Solid and improving cash flow
  • Understanding and expanding the company’s competitive advantage
  • Securing intellectual capital
  • Preparation for the due diligence process, including evaluation of financial, contract, customer, supplier, and employee risks
  • Industry-specific measurement and benchmarking

Start Your Pre-Sale Planning Today

Whether you're planning to sell your business in the next year or the next 10 years, we can help craft a strategy that will maximize its eventual sale value. It’s never too soon to start planning your exit. By engaging with Affinity Ventures and our pre-transaction services early on in the process, our clients can eliminate future regret or “seller remorse” and confidently make decisions about when to sell. 

Request your Free M&A Market Valuation or call us at (505) 881-5352 to set up your free business consultation and business valuation with our M&A business brokers today.