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Why Exit Planning/ Business Succession Planning?
The sale of your business is likely the most important financial event of your life. Our goal at Affinity Ventures is to make it the most fulfilling and profitable as well. Whether you consider to sell your business now, or sometime during the next 10 years, it is critical to put a plan in place to grow its value so that you can realize the optimum value of your life’s work.

Our Process
Exit/Pre-Sale planning is a personalized process that results in the creation and execution of a strategy that allows you to exit your business on your own terms and conditions. As a member of BEI, Affinity Ventures accomplishes this by incorporating The Seven Step Exit Planning Process™.

  • Alignment of owner objectives with business and personal financial resources
  • Plan for maximizing and protecting business value
  • Plan for ownership transfers to third parties
  • Plan for ownership transfers to insiders
  • Business continuity plan
  • Consideration for personal wealth and estate planning

This process – compromised of discovery, strategy, and implementation – puts you in control and provides a written roadmap based on your answers to each of the following key questions:

  • Do you know when you want to leave your business?
  • Do you know your exact retirement goals and what it will take-in cash-to reach them?
  • Do you know how much your business is worth today, in cash?
  • Do you know how to sell your business to a third party and pay the least possible taxes?
  • Do you know how to transfer your business to family members, co-owners, or employees while paying the least possible taxes and enjoying maximum financial security?
  • Do you have a contingency plan for your business if the unexpected happens to you?
  • Do you have a plan to secure financial independence for your family if the unexpected happens to you?

Our planning process is a team oriented approach that includes working with your existing attorneys, CPAs, and other trusted consultants.  Frequently, the exit plan involves action items from our other service offerings such as Mergers & Acquisition Services, Value Enhancement Services, and Valuation Services.

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