While there are many formulas and estimates for the value of a business, “Value is truly in the eye of the beholder.” The amount a willing seller and willing buyer will exchange for an asset. That means there is no exact value, but a range or estimate as every situation is different.

Affinity Ventures has years of experience estimating value and closing transactions. Many times the value exchanged at closing was higher than our Client’s expectation. The way we accomplish this is by helping identify areas of risk and opportunities for growth – then working with our Clients to shore up these areas. At the same time we cast a wide net, talking confidentially with many buyers across many industries to find the best fit and compelling valuations in the market.

To that end we offer several Valuation products:

a) Complimentary Fair Market Valuation

  1. This free valuation service is provided to prospective M&A Clients that would like to establish a range of value for planning purposes. Please contact Affinity Ventures to learn more about this confidential, no obligation

b) Brokers Opinion of Market Value (BOMV)

  1. Reduced fee valuation helps establish a reasonable listing / selling price for asset sale.

c) Calculation of Value Report (COV)

  1. Used for calculating the purchase of 100% interest in a business. Not appropriate for Lender valuation purposes.

d) Business Valuation Report (BVR)

  1. Buy / Sell stock or assets, 100% or a minority interest. Can be used for lender valuations.

e) Business Appraisal Report

  1. Appropriate for Estate Planning purposes, such as gifting or exit strategies.

f) Litigation / Divorce / ESOP

  1. Defensible valuations used in legal proceedings or for fiduciary reporting