Thanks to you and Don our families are once again safe, and for this gentlemen, I will be eternally grateful. I still just shake my head in disbelief at how this all happened. We lose everything due to a hostile takeover of the business we came here over 10 years ago to start. We gather every cent we can to start a new business. We struggle to survive for a long time. We decide to attend a trade show out of desperation for business. A well-dressed guy in a suit comes up to me at the conference and says “Do you want to sell your company?” I say it’s not really worth anything yet – we are just getting it going! You say no worries but you will be in touch. You walk away and I completely forget about you. Three months later you call and I convince my very skeptical partners to speak with you. A year later it’s done, just as you said it could, at a price we could not have dreamed of!

Someone should write a novel about this…… albeit it won’t be me! Too busy to think about it now, however when I’m back with my family, I will have time to reflect, and I dare say whenever I think of you and Don….I will have a very big smile on my face. Again gentlemen I thank you for your vision and effort to get this result, and Bruce thank you for coming up to me that day sir. If you ever need a reference please have your prospectives call me.

Paul Pusztay, Partner and Co President