Retail Pharmacy Sold in 2013: I originally chose Affinity Ventures because of their vast experience in my specific industry, but during the process found so many other important aspects to the divestiture of a business. With the decline in revenues due to reimbursement and some billing issues, we needed to separate the two divisions of my business and sell them individually to separate buyers. We put the sale of one part of the business on hold and moved forward with selling the other segment. This decision more than doubled the time and hours that it would have taken to sell both businesses at once. Regardless of the challenges and many barriers we needed to overcome, the Affinity team was there to facilitate the process from start to finish. Persistence, determination, follow up and focus but most important INTEGRITY, are just a few of the attributes of the Affinity team. I could not have gone thru this process without them.

Home Infusion Pharmacy Sold in 2016: After the successful sale of my retail pharmacy, Affinity Ventures was determined and focused on finding a buyer for my home infusion business. Due to industry changes and the size and location of my business, there were only a few companies that were a possible buyer. I was amazed at Affinity’s focus and professionalism in completing this complex transaction and creating a successful outcome. We sold to a large billion-dollar company with an experienced M&A department and I never felt they had an advantage in the process. Bruce and his team were always one step ahead of the process. I would highly recommend Affinity Ventures as they definitely go the extra mile for their clients.

Fairmeadows Pharmacy – A combination of a retail pharmacy and a home infusion company owned by Dan and Mary Lou Zurawski