First of all, thank you for giving me the peace of mind that I have attained the very best value for my business that was possible. After going to multiple strategic and private equity buyers I am sure there were no stones unturned. It was obvious you have been involved with many transactions. The way you handled the numerous challenges and obstacles that occurred during our process of selling my business was comforting and helpful.

I had the confidence that I was being represented at the highest level possible. Your knowledge and experience was evident during the complete experience. Your attention to detail and timeliness was always there when we needed it. I never worried about whether my concerns and rights were being represented properly and correctly.  The various recommendations on consultants and advisors were helpful and necessary since selling a business definitely takes a group of advisors to complete a transaction the proper way. The availability of the Affinity Ventures team during the weekends and evenings was appreciated since we were still running a business and sometimes during the day was very difficult to schedule.

I had no idea how complicated and time-consuming selling a business was until I went through it. I could not imagine what the end result would have been if I would have tried to travel that path on my own or with some other intermediary. I can now retire comfortably knowing my hard work and dedication in building a business was rewarded by getting the best deal possible and having the resources to enjoy my long and deserved retirement.

Barbara Hamrick, CEO