M&A services

Do you want to sell your business or transfer ownership to someone else? Are you curious about how well prepared you are to exit your company? At Affinity Ventures, we help clients navigate the complexities of transaction-oriented projects and achieve a maximum valuation for their business.

Business SalesBusiness Sales

When it’s time to cross the finish line and cash in on your success, we can help make sure you exit on top. Our business sales experts utilize our proven M&A process to obtain multiple competitive offers for each of our clients. Since we never put a price tag on the business, we will go through a couple of rounds of negotiations all while moving the price up. Because all our buyers know they are in a competitive process, in order to purchase your business, they will need to submit their highest and best offer. This is how we work for you and not the buyer to ensure you get a deal that reflects not only your company's value but our value as well.


One of the most important steps in selling all or part of your business is figuring out what people will pay for it. This not only gives you an accurate idea of what your business is worth today, but it can inform you about when to sell, what your business will be worth in the future, and how you can increase that value. Affinity Ventures has years of practical experience valuing businesses, improving value, and closing deals based on those valuations. Our clients are often surprised to find the figure exchanged at closing was higher than their expectations. The best part is, that we offer M&A market valuations to qualified businesses FREE of charge.

Value Enhancement ServicesValue Enhancement Services

Value enhancement services, also referred to as “pre-sale planning,” aid the process of transitioning your focus from working IN the company to working ON the company. We know what buyers want to see from potential investments and what factors increase market value for our clients. Our experienced team can improve these key value drivers and massively increase the value of your business when you are ready to sell. Whether you're looking to sell your business this year or in the next 10 years, Affinity Ventures can help put you and your company in the best possible position when you're ready to go to market.

Growth PlanningGrowth Planning

Growing companies often consume more cash than is available; that's why flexible and patient lending can be critical to your business’s success. There are many avenues to pursue when raising capital for your company, including from non-traditional sources. Our M&A professionals can help you explore multiple financing options. Find out what opportunities business owners like you have to secure growth capital so you can achieve your strategic goals.

Exit PlanningExit Planning

The eventual sale of your business is likely the most important financial event of your life. Our goal at Affinity Ventures is to make it the most fulfilling and profitable as well. Whether you are considering selling your business now or sometime during the next 10 years, putting a plan in place is critical to growing its value so that you can realize the optimum value of your life’s work. Find out how our exit planning team can help you build a roadmap to transition your business and fulfill your business and retirement goals.