It depends. Value is a funny thing.

Consider this: Buyers generally value the historical cash flow of a business (usually EBITDA) and use that number to estimate the future value of an opportunity with a risk adjusted discount rate. That may be fine for an established company, but what about a growing business?

Your banker or accountant may use the net book value shown on your balance sheet as an estimate of the value of your enterprise. But what about the case of growing company with minimal assets and significant profits? You see, industry values, based on a “rule of thumb” may not take into account the potential value a strategic buyer might place on your business.

When valuing your company, you need someone with the experience to accurately estimate both the current and future value. Armed with a valuation that includes a range of values and methodologies, you can better assess opportunities that come your way..

Affinity Ventures has the experience know how to help prepare a valuation for most any purpose.

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